Free Home Pick-up & Delivery

We are here to serve your needs!
Ever get caught up in a busy day and not get to the dry cleaners? With Bowen Cleaners home pick-up and delivery service, you never have to worry about dry cleaning again! 

Choose the service that best works for you. 

Regular Pick-up and Delivery Service
Choose weekly or every other week service.

This service is for customers who only need service once a month or less. Just call 252-321-2111 the day prior to your neighborhood's normal pick-up/delivery day, and we will be happy to pick up your cleaning.
We will provide two bags (with identification cards) for your convenience. You simply place your clothes in the bag and put them in a mutually agreed upon location. Each time your clothes are delivered we return your bags for the next cleaning. The best part is you do not have to be home when we pick-up or drop-off your cleaning. (Please choose a location that is sheltered; i.e. a covered porch or garage.)

Your cleaning will be charged to your credit card.
We will leave an invoice on each order that is dropped off to assist you with tracking your expenses.

Signing up is easy! 
2 Ways To Sign Up
Fill out the form below and call 252-321-2111 with your
credit card information. 

Print the Pick-up & Delivery application and fax the completed form to 252-756-6763.
Download Pick-Up & Delivery Application Here
Pick-Up & Delivery Application
Address 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Delivery Type:
Shirt Starch Preference :
Please Indicate the
least exposed place
for pick-ups and deliveries:

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